NMLS #1642083

Name: Kristen Hancock 

Fun Fact: Kristen is originally a “Sourdough” from Alaska.  

Where you can find Kristen: Real Estate Loan Center, 516 E Holly St 

More about her: Kristen has been serving members at WECU for over four years and her financial industry background spans over 12 years. In that time, she has acquired a wide range of experience and knowledge. As a Real Estate Loan Officer, Kristen specializes in member service and takes time to learn about the needs of her members. Kristen is well versed in a range of mortgage programs and prides herself in her ability to help her members meet their financial goals. She provides the guidance and expertise necessary to navigate the journey for the first-time buyer, the member interested in a refinance or the member looking to update or expand their current home. 

Kristen and her family have been in Whatcom County for five years. "I have five children - three boys and two girls. Our weekends usually consist of playing with our pug puppy and family activities. Bellingham is our home and so is WECU."


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