NMLS #1795914

Name: Paul Cover

Fun Fact: Outside of WECU, Paul enjoys spending time with his wife and young son in many different settings, including camping, car shows, and exploring new places. He'd love for you to know about the time he slam-dunked on Michael Jordan or threw a football over a mountain but is too modest to mention those highlights.

Where you can find Paul: Real Estate Loan Center, 516 E Holly St

More about him: Paul joined the WECU team during the summer of 2018. He brings over a decade of member service experience and has blended in seamlessly with the team and core values at WECU. Born and raised in the Midwest, Paul was married in Bellingham, lives in Skagit Valley, and loves being a part of the community.


Paul says, "My favorite part about helping a member is finding out what is most important to them. And from there we can work together to make these goals and dreams a reality."

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